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Bron-y-Gader Outdoor Pursuits Centre - Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. The Leader named on the booking request must be 18 (25 if the group contains individuals under 18 years of age) or more years of age and must be contactable by phone, email and post using the details provided on the booking request.
  2. The Leader is responsible for the actions of all the members of the group whilst on the Bron-y-Gader premises, grounds and the surrounding fields.
  3. Payments:
    1. The Leader is responsible for all payments due to Bron-y-Gader.
    2. The required non-refundable deposit will be paid within 7 days of the booking request confirmation by Bron-y-Gader (unless otherwise agreed in advance by Bron-y-Gader).
    3. If the deposit is not paid by the due date the booking may be cancelled.
    4. The Leader will confirm the final total numbers of the group via the on-line portal or email immediately following the booking end date.
    5. The balance invoice will be paid by the due date, normally 7 days after the booking end date (unless otherwise agreed in advance by Bron-y-Gader).
  4. Cancellation:
    1. The deposit paid is not refundable in the event of a cancellation by the Leader or group.
    2. In exceptional circumstances which are beyond Bron-y-Gader's control, Bron-y-Gader may find it necessary to cancel bookings. In which case Bron-y-Gader shall refund to the customer all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.
    3. Bron-y-Gader shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by any member of the group as a result of any cancellation.
  5. Care of the property and it's surroundings:
    1. The Leader will ensure that the group take good care of the property.
    2. All damage and breakages will be reported to Bron-y-Gader via the on-line portal or email immediately following the booking dates to enable replacement/repairs for subsequent groups. Failure to report damage or breakages will prejudice future bookings by the Leader and the group.
    3. All damage and breakages will be paid for.
    4. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the centre. The Leader is responsible for any damage to the building or contents resulting from any person smoking inside the building.
    5. The group will not interfere with the fire safety equipment or mask the fire detectors in any way.
    6. The leader will ensure that no disturbance is caused to the livestock in the adjoining fields by members or animals of the group. No dogs are allowed unless previously agreed with Bron-y-Gader.
    7. The group will not remove any of the contents from the property or make any addition or alteration to the property or it's fixtures and fittings.
    8. The Leader will ensure that the group read and adhere to the House Rules and Safety Code and other notices displayed in the centre.
    9. The Leader will ensure the group maintain a high standard of cleaning before their departure.
    10. Cleaning equipment and materials are provided and the group will allow 1-2 hours for a final clean up with particular attention being paid to the kitchen, toilet & shower area, lounge and bedrooms.
    11. All rubbish will be placed in bin bags and deposited in the council bins at the top of the track.
    12. All food or drink must be removed at the end of the booking period.
  6. Bron-y-Gader shall not be liable to the group for any temporary defect or stoppage of services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment or appliances in the property.
  7. Group safety:
    1. On entering the building at the start of the booking period, the Leader will perform a simple test of the fire alarm using the procedure described here.
    2. In the case of a fire, the Leader will evacuate the building and follow the guidance information provided in the centre.
    3. As the centre is in a remote location and the nearest telephone is approximately 2 miles away, it is advisable to bring a mobile phone for use in an emergency.
    4. It is the responsibility of the Leader to do any required risk assessment and implement health and safety procedures.
    5. Bron-y-Gader is not responsible for any of the activities that the group undertake whilst staying at the centre and is not liable for any loss, damage, or injury, whilst undertaking such activities or as a result of any adverse weather conditions or other matters beyond the control of Bron-y-Gader.
    6. No liability is accepted by Bron-y-Gader in respect of damage to or loss of personal property of members of the group. Bron-y-Gader shall have no liability for personal injury to group members.

Terms & Conditions effective from: 01/09/17